Are you regularly scheduling general maintenance and tune-ups at our Mitsubishi service center in Wilkes-Barre, PA? If this is something you have been holding off, then consider this: following through with routine maintenance helps boost gas mileage. Learn how servicing equals better fuel economy. 

Oil Change 

General maintenance usually includes an oil change or the more comprehensive oil flush. Either way, the fresh oil will help with engine performance, thereby improving gas mileage. When the oil contains contaminants, it loses its ability to lubricate the metal parts. This generates heat, forcing the engine to use more fuel to generate the needed output. 

Tire Pressure Check

During general maintenance, the technician will perform a tire pressure check to ensure the tires have ample air. Underinflated tires lead to decreased fuel economy. It’s estimated that fuel economy drops by 0.2% for every one psi below the tires’ recommended psi. You should also check the pressure at home every 30 days. 

Air Filter Replacement 

You should also have your engine air filter regularly replaced. Once it accumulates dirt, dust, and debris, it loses its effectiveness. In turn, this causes the engine to work harder, using more fuel. 

Visit MotorWorld Mitsubishi to schedule your next service maintenance. We perform checkups on all Mitsubishi models. This includes popular sellers like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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