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No matter how much car technology improves, vehicles will always need oil to run efficiently. Without it, the engine metal parts would grind against one another, and the metal-to-metal friction would cause the engine to rapidly overheat, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

Not all motor oils are created equal, though. To be sure your car receives compatible motor oil, bring your automobile in for a Mitsubishi oil change in Wilkes-Barre, PA

How to Identify the Correct Motor Oil 

The simplest way to identify the appropriate motor oil for your vehicle is to refer to your vehicle user manual. Often, the manual doesn’t specify an exact type, giving the car owner some flexibility when selecting a motor oil at their local automotive store.

Typically, oils can be classified into these three categories: 

  • Conventional oil – This consists of crude oil manufactured using a refinement process to remove impurities. However, the refinement process isn’t perfect, so some impurities may be left intact. 
  • Synthetic oil – This may contain special additives that offer more protection against heat and prevents the oil from hardening under cold temperatures. Synthetic oil also has lower volatility to keep oil erosion to a minimum. 
  • Synthetic blend – This is a mix of conventional and synthetic oil, offering some properties of synthetic oil but at a more affordable price. 

Our recommendation is to use the highest oil quality that falls within the acceptable specifications outlined in your user manual. 

We Know Which Motor Oil to Use 

If you’re not sure which oil to use, just bring your car to Motorworld Mitsubishi. Our certified technicians will know exactly which motor oil type to use based on your car model and driving habits. We perform oil changes and draining and other services on all Mitsubishi models, including popular sellers like the Mitsubishi Outlander and more. 

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