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April is National Car Care Month, and our Mitsubishi service experts are here with some tips on how to celebrate and get a fresh start for your car! 

Why Is Car Care So Important? 

Sure, you’ll repair your car if it’s damaged or not working properly, but there’s more to car care than dealing with crises. Why is regular care and maintenance so important? 

  • Prevents accidents and breakdowns. Regular maintenance can help guard against a breakdown on the road or an equipment failure at a critical time. 
  • Saves money. Regular care for your car can incur some expenses, but they’re typically far less than the costs of repairing the damage done by an accident or worn out part. 
  • Improves performance. If you want to get the most out of your Mitsubishi vehicle, proper care is key – you’ll notice the difference! 

Car Care Tips 

So, what can you do to stay safer on the road, save money, and get more enjoyment from your drive? Just a few simple actions can help! 

  • On-schedule maintenance. From oil changes to tire rotations, a lot of maintenance tasks should be done on a regular schedule. Check your owner’s manual to find out what that is, and stick with it! 
  • Don’t sit on problems. Have you noticed a strange noise? Maybe your car is pulling to the right, or it’s taking you longer to get to a complete stop. Don’t wait to find out what’s wrong! Bring your vehicle in to our service center so we can diagnose the issue before it gets worse. 
  • Get specialized care. When you visit our service center at MotorWorld Mitsubishi, you’ll find technicians who are experts in your vehicle, so you know you’re getting the right kind of care. 

Service Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA 

We can’t wait to celebrate National Car Care month with you at our Mitsubishi dealership. Start the summer out right with a visit to our service center! 

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