When you own an exciting new Mitsubishi vehicle, you don’t just get to take home a car that delivers a great driving experience, has beautiful styling, and comfortable seating, you get to experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced driver safety technology. At MotorWorld Mitsubishi, you’ll find many cars that come with advanced technology features that are designed to keep you safe on the road. Visit our Wilkes-Barre, Mitsubishi dealer today to talk to our staff about available models that are available with advanced safety features. 


Advanced Driver Assist Systems in Mitsubishi Cars


Advanced driver assist systems are new safety features found in many Mitsubishi cars. These features are designed to help you avoid accidents while making accidents that do occur less severe. These features can’t replace the skills of a licensed driver, but they can help avoid injuries or deaths when the driver makes a human mistake. 


Lane-Departure Warning: by using cameras that detect marked lines on the road, this system can tell whether or not you are staying in your lane. If you begin to exit your lane without signaling, this system will give you an alert. 


Blind-Spot Warning and Lane-Change Assist: for the times that you do activate your signal with an intent to change lanes, this system can help you know if the lane-change is safe or not by providing an alert if there is a car in your blind spot. 


Adaptive Cruise Control: by using advanced radar sensors, this system will measure the distance between your car and vehicles ahead of you to help you maintain a safe distance and speed as traffic conditions change. 


Automatic High-Beams: this system lets you enjoy better visibility at night without worrying about switching off your high-beams for other vehicles. This system will detect the cars for you to deactivate and reactivate your high-beams for optimal convenience. 

If you want to learn more about driver safety, visit or contact our Wilkes-Barre Mitsubishi dealer today. 


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